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Simultaneous, Consecutive, Liaison, Chuchotage

Interpreting is defined as the oral translation of one speaker’s words into another language.

There are several types of interpretations, each of which can be adapted to meet the specific needs of individual clients. «Traducciones en la Frontera» provides four different types of interpreting services:




Simultaneous Interpreting Consecutive Interpreting Liaison Interpreting Chuchotage Interpreting(Whispering)
 interpretacion-silumtanea  interpetacion-consecutiva  interpretacion-bilateral  interpretacion-susurrada
The interpreter immediately translates the message into the target language while the source language speaker speaks. This method of simultaneous interpreting saves a considerable amount of time since the same speech mustn’t be listed twice in two different languages. Simultaneous Interpreting is done from booths using audio equipment and headphones for the audience. This method of interpreting is perfect for conferences, large meetings, or any other time where there would be a large audience of listeners. The interpreter, through note taking, starts translating after the source language speaker has finished his speech. The speech is then divided into sections and the source language speaker will stop the speech approximately every five minutes. It is necessary to allow for double the amount of time because the same speech must be listed twice in two different languages. Consecutive Interpreting is best suited for meetings and short seminars. Liaison interpreting involves relaying what is spoken between two people. It is most useful for business meetings, medical visits, and interviews. Chuchotage or “whisper interpreting” works the same as simultaneous interpreting, but does not involve the use of audio equipment. Chuchotage interpreting is the appropriate method of interpreting to use when there is only one person involved, or when two people at a meeting or conference cannot understand the source language. The interpreter whispers the interpreted version of what is said into the listener’s ear.


 Our interpreting services are available throughout Spain. Please contact us for a free estimate of our services.